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Handbook Cover for Treatise on Internet Sex Crimes
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Johnson/Citronberg, PLLC is pleased to host the authoritative treatise for federal internet sex offenses. This treatise was created by our law firm after years of speaking with legal practitioners and clients, who were frustrated that there were no readily available resources regarding federal internet sex cases, what to expect in these cases, or how to defend them.

While federal internet sex offenses can carry severe penalties, they account for only a small percentage of all federal criminal cases. This has led to a lack of information on how these cases are typically prosecuted by the government and how they are properly defended by defense lawyers. This treatise covers, in detail, every major area of law relating to internet sex offenses. We hope that you find it informative.

The Handbook breaks complex topics like computer forensics down so that you can understand the important points.

Chapter 2: Pretrial Defenses

Chapter 5: Release & Detention

Chapter 7: Voir Dire Strategy

Coming Soon

Chapter 9: Sentencing Guidelines

USSG § 2G2.2(b) & (c) – Possession, Receipt, and Distribution Cases

USSG § 2G2.1(b), (c), & (d) – Production & Advertising Cases

USSG § 4B1.5 – Criminal History

Chapter 12: Supervised Release

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