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When facing criminal allegations, it is vital to hire legal representation as soon as possible. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can work to protect your rights, defend your case, and negotiate on your behalf. From our offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia, our criminal defense lawyers provide our clients with smart, strategic criminal defense representation. We are a nationally recognized firm dedicated exclusively to representing those who are accused of or are being investigated for federal or state criminal offenses. We utilize leading experts and highly skilled-investigators resulting in an impressive number of dismissals.

With offices in Alexandria and Atlanta, we are able to tackle the most complex federal cases across the nation as well as high-stakes state cases in Virginia, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. Our legal team works together to develop innovative case strategies to meet our clients’ needs. We understand that this is most likely your first experience with the criminal justice system, so we take the time to advise and lead you at each step. We keep our caseload small so we can concentrate on helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Our legal team goes above and beyond for our clients and works tirelessly to protect their future and freedom. 

Practice Areas

Virginia Criminal Defense

Virginia Criminal Defense

Virginia Sex Crimes

  • Virginia Child Pornography
  • Virginia Child Molestation
  • Virginia Rape and Sexual Assault

Virginia Drug Crimes

  • Virginia Drug Crimes

Virginia Expungements and Appeals

  • Expungements
  • Appeals
Georgia Criminal Defense

Georgia Criminal Defense

Georgia Sex Crimes

  • Georgia Child Pornography
  • Georgia Child Molestation
  • Georgia Rape & Sexual Assault

Georgia Drug Crimes

  • Georgia Drug Possession
  • Georgia Drug Trafficking

Georgia Violent Crimes

  • Robbery
  • Assault

Georgia Appeals

  • Georgia Direct Appeal
  • Georgia Habeas Corpus

Recent Results

Child Pornography Charge

U.S. v. C.K.

The day before our client’s trial for possession of child pornography the Government informed us that it would be dismissing all charges due to our independent expert’s findings.

Federal Drug Conspiracy

U.S. v. V.W.

Our client was facing years in prison for allegedly being part of a large drug conspiracy. A jury didn’t believe the Government’s cooperating witnesses and allowed our client to return home to his family.

Rape Charges

Virginia v. M.T.

After years of litigation, the Commonwealth in Virginia agreed to drop all rape charges against our client. Our firm used cutting edge experts to show that our client did not have the requisite intent necessary to commit the crime.

Child Molestation

Georgia v. C.R.

A jury took only 30 minutes to find our client not guilty of child molestation after a three-day trial. By presenting evidence showing that the alleged victim had a strong motive to lie, the jury agreed that she was not telling the truth.

Federal Drug Conspiracy

U.S. v. B.J.

Our client was facing a stiff mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. We were able to convince the judge to grant her safety-valve and a sentence of straight probation.

Child Pornography Charge

Georgia v. L.V.

Our client was charged with possession after law enforcement executed a search warrant. We convinced prosecutors that the search was unlawful and that any alleged evidence seized by law enforcement was inadmissible.

How We Win Before Trial



Our firm uses private investigators to conduct interviews of witnesses, perform background checks, and dig into parts of a case that law enforcement will ignore.

Expert Witness - Criminal Defense

Expert Witnesses

We use experts from around the country tailored to our clients’ needs. From psychologists to computer forensic experts, our firm has access to the nation’s premier experts in their respective fields.

PreTrial Motions

Pre-Trial Motions

From motions to suppress evidence to motions to compel evidence, our firm aggressively uses pre-trial motions to get cases dismissed or to greatly weaken the government’s case.

Trial Preparation

Step 4:
Trial Preparation

Preparing well in advance of trial is key. Deciding which witnesses to call and which evidence to introduce is crucial. We often employ focus groups to help us refine these decisions and win the case.

Latest News

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