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Johnson/Citronberg Is A Criminal Defense Law Firm

Dedicated To Defending People Accused Of Serious Crimes. Our Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Represent Clients In Federal Court Nationwide. We Also Defend Clients In Virginia
And Georgia State Courts.

Our law firm uses highly-skilled investigators, leading experts, and aggressive pretrial motions. This combination has resulted in a truly impressive number of dismissals and reductions for our clients, and the success shows. Our lawyers are routinely selected to be Super Lawyers and frequently appear in the media as legal commentators. We also keep our caseload small so that we can concentrate on achieving the best possible result for our clients.

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How We Win Before Trial


Our firm uses private investigators to conduct interviews of witnesses, perform background checks, and dig into parts of a case that law enforcement will ignore.

Expert Witnesses

We use experts from around the country tailored to our clients’ needs. From psychologists to computer forensic experts, our firm has access to the nation’s premier experts in their respective fields.

Pre-Trial Motions

From motions to suppress evidence to motions to compel evidence, our firm aggressively uses pre-trial motions to get cases dismissed or to greatly weaken the government’s case.

Trial Preparation

Preparing well in advance of trial is key. Deciding which witnesses to call and which evidence to introduce is crucial. We often employ focus groups to help us refine these decisions and win the case.

Case Results

Acquittals, Dismissals & Reductions

Success In Difficult Cases

With offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia, we have a national reach with an intense focus on each individual client and their unique situation. If you are looking for an experienced, compassionate, results-driven criminal lawyer, contact Johnson/Citronberg today.

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Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Johnson/Citronberg, we recognize that this may be most of our clients’ first experiences with
the criminal justice system. Applying their knowledge and experience, our lawyers guide each
client through the legal process while also concentrating on developing and aggressively
pursuing winning results.

Awards & Accolades

the handbook for federal internet sex crimes

Johnson/Citronberg, PLLC is pleased to host the authoritative treatise for federal internet sex offenses. This treatise was created by our law firm after years of speaking with legal practitioners and clients, who were frustrated that there were no readily available resources regarding federal internet sex cases, what to expect in these cases, or how to defend them.

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Types of Felony Sentences in Virginia

Types of Felony Sentences in Virginia

Classification of Felonies and Sentences in Virginia Virginia has six different categories of felony offenses (Class 1 through Class 6), each carrying different sets of penalties. The sentencing ranges for…

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Fairfax, Virginia Child Pornography Charges Dismissed

Fairfax, Virginia Child Pornography Charges Dismissed

Our law firm recently won the dismissal of all child pornography charges in Fairfax, Virginia. After winning a motion to suppress, Fairfax prosecutors agreed to drop all felony counts in…

Jun 18, 2024

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