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We Can Consult with Your Current Attorney

Our lawyers have obtained a truly impressive list of dismissals and reductions in sex crime cases, especially when the allegations involve child pornography. Using our specialized knowledge of computer forensics and psychology, we can consult with your current legal team to ensure that you have the strongest defense possible.

We Can Consult with Your Lawyer Anywhere in the Nation

Our sex crime lawyers specialize in defending individuals accused of sex offenses, but we also consult with other lawyers on cases. We can help your current legal team craft a solid legal defense, determine which pretrial motions to file, employ and effectively use expert witnesses (including computer forensic experts and psychologists), and gather critical evidence.

In our experience, many criminal defense lawyers are great trial lawyers but lack the specialized and technical knowledge necessary to properly defend sex offense cases. Our knowledge and resources fill this gap to ensure that no stone is left unturned. As consultants, we are able to assist anywhere in the United States.

Reasons to Consult with Johnson/Citronberg

Our Specialty

Unlike the vast majority of criminal defense lawyers, we specialize in sex offense cases, especially when those cases involve child pornography charges. In fact, we wrote the book on defending internet sex crimes, which you can read here.

Lower Fees

Our consulting fee is typically much lower than the cost to represent someone in court. Consulting can also be done remotely, further reducing the cost. The cost to hire us as consultants is generally 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of hiring us for in-court representation.

Proven Methods

Our method of using top experts and aggressive pretrial motions has won dismissals in even the toughest sex offense cases.

Our Consulting Services

We customize our consulting services based on the nature of the case and the type of defense being used. We offer the following consulting services to assist your current legal team:

  • Gathering Evidence. Often overlooked is the art of gathering evidence favorable to the defense. In sex offense cases, this often includes obtaining and preserving social media records, phone and text message records, and the personnel files of the officers involved in the case.
  • Computer Forensic Experts. Electronic devices such as computers and cell phones play a critical role in virtually every sex offense case. We have access to the best computer forensic experts in the country who can analyze the devices and help us build a defense.
  • Psychological Experts. In many cases, it makes sense to use a clinical psychologist to conduct a psychosexual evaluation. These evaluations serve a couple of different roles including showing that our clients are not interested in minors and that our clients’ risk level is low.
  • Pretrial Motions. One of the most powerful tools a defense lawyer has is the ability to file pretrial motions. Unfortunately, few lawyers take advantage of this tool. We can consult with your lawyer to determine which pretrial motions should be filed. This includes filing motions to obtain discovery or evidence, motions to suppress evidence and statements, and motions to dismiss a case due to a violation of the defendant’s rights.
  • Focus Groups. A focus group offers insight into what everyday people in society think about a case. Focus groups help us pick the right defense and pieces of evidence to win a case. Focus groups, however, are rarely used by most lawyers as they take a great deal of time and energy. We can take this burden off your lawyer.
  • Trial Preparation. We can strategize with your lawyer about how to attack the Government’s case and how to present the defense’s case.

Cases we Consult on

We typically consult with lawyers on the following types of cases:

  • Child Pornography Cases. Understanding computer forensics is absolutely critical in child pornography cases. Moreso than in any other case, understanding computer systems and the latest developments in technology can mean the difference between a dismissal and years in prison. You can learn more about how we defend child pornography charges here.
  • Internet Sting Operations. In internet sting cases, the police essentially manufacture a crime. We can help your lawyer to explore whether the police used improper tactics, whether you were entrapped, and whether the officers involved regularly employ methods that ensnare innocent people.
  • Rape & Sexual Assault Cases. Many rape cases are based simply on the word of the alleged victim. Our job is to show two things: 1) motive to lie and 2) evidence inconsistent with the alleged victim’s statements. We do this in a variety of ways including using cell phone GPS data, using subpoenas to obtain phone and email records, interviewing fact and character witnesses, pulling surveillance footage, and running background checks on the alleged victim and potential witnesses.
  • Child Molestation Cases. Similar to rape cases, the job of the defense is to show that the child is not telling the truth and to provide an explanation for why the child is lying. This is done by hiring a forensic interview expert to review the child’s statement to see if the child was coached and whether the child’s statement could be a false-positive. We also do a deep dive into family dynamics to find a motivation for coaching a child such as a heated divorce.

If you already have a lawyer but want to increase your odds of a dismissal or acquittal, give us a call. We are happy to discuss how we can provide assistance to your current lawyer and craft the strongest defense possible. From our offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia, we are able to consult with your legal team no matter where they are located.


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