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Alexandria, Virginia, Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Allegations of any crime can be overwhelming, but serious or violent felonies in particular carry harsh consequences with a conviction. When facing these types of situations, it is best to seek out strong legal representation.

At The Johnson/Citronberg, PLLC, we vigorously defend individuals who have been charged with serious or violent crimes. Our lawyers invest considerable time and resources into investigating and challenging the government’s allegations and evidence, working toward the best possible outcomes.

We are prepared to defend you against a wide range of felony crimes, including:

  • Murder charges
  • Assault and battery charges
  • Sexual assault charges
  • Robbery charges
  • Burglary charges

You don’t have to wait for formal charges in order to seek legal help. Protect your rights from day one. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your case.

Knowledgeable Arlington Murder and Assault Charges Defense Attorneys

Sometimes in serious crimes, such as murder, robbery or assault, the prosecution may be dealing with incomplete police investigations or unreliable eyewitness testimony. An experienced criminal defense attorney can use these instances to build a strong case strategy.

In addition to developing cutting-edge defenses and legal arguments, our Alexandria, Virginia, violent crimes defense attorneys are experienced in confronting scientific data including DNA, computer and other forensic evidence. We believe that any prosecution must be attacked at both the pretrial phase and during trial, and we engage in a heavy motions practice to challenge the government’s proof and contest the admissibility of the government’s evidence.

We are ready and able to represent you, no matter how severe the charges are that you are facing. Contact us at 855-959-4003, or by e-mail using our secure online form. At our office location in Alexandra and satellite in Charlottesville, we are able to represent clients in Virginia and throughout the D.C. area.


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